New Balance Grey Day 2021

New Balance

Grey Day 2022


Dedicated to celebrating its heritage and its iconic grey colourway, New Balance continues to break convention, featuring fearlessly independent spirits. This year, the theme ‘Make It Grey’, was held as a pop-up studio at Design Orchard. Other than displaying the iconic pieces of grey at the pop-up studio, New Balance also ran a visual campaign by turning its community’s self-expressive moments into a photographic project through a self-directed photobooth. The photos were then featured at selected New Balance stores.
The ask was to extend invitations to our media friends to showcase their own style statements and share their expressions of grey.


The initial idea was to invite our NB family, media and influencers, to celebrate Grey Day with us at the pop-up. Which would have been what every other PR strategy would have done.
So, we asked ourselves, how could we be different? A year after we turned an icon who had zero social media presence into the most talked-about ice-cream man in town. How could we give a platform to those truly living in the Grey?
The ‘aha’ moment, came when we realised that along Orchard Road, there were buskers who were entertaining, engaging and performing for the shoppers.
New Balance Grey Day 2022


Last year, we reinvented tradition and engaged Uncle Chieng, the Orchard Road ice-cream man, as our grey icon.
This year, in line with supporting our local talents and the pursuit of their passions, we greyed out the set-up for 3 local performers — Arya, Jason, and Jonathan. An icon to Orchard Road, these performers have continued to push through the past two trying years, making their own grey.
To further drive the message of living in the grey, we sent out seeding kits to our NB family packed in an unconventional way — furoshiki.
Furoshiki-type wrapping is known for its ability to wrap items of multiple shapes, taking on numerous forms to accommodate to what is required. Using this form of wrapping, we wanted to acknowledge the efforts of individuals living in the grey, who are often required to constantly adapt to various challenges that may come their way.
Wrapping the Grey Day collection footwear, apparel, canvas board, and painting tools, we wanted to inspire our NB family to express their own interpretations of grey.