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TADA is a ride-hailing service in Singapore. Constantly overshadowed by at least two other competitors, we needed to find an opportunity among an always-on environment to reintroduce TADA’s values to new and existing riders.
TADA’s third birthday was approaching, and we realised something — we had really happy riders.


Happy riders was a given, because that’s what any service provider should provide. We dug deeper into why the riders were happy, and come to one distilled conclusion — our drivers were a happy workforce, because we didn’t charge them commission.
Tada 2021
Tada 2021 Birthday


Happiness — whether driver’s or rider’s is an infinity loop. Our campaign focused on how both parties play an integral part in the happiness cycle, which is TADA’s secret to how (the underdog) made it to a three-year anniversary.
The aim was to show ‘Happy Driver, Happy Rider’ in action.
Influencers were invited to take one TADA ride at a time slot of their choice (FOC) and play conversation bingo with these drivers on their way to their destination.
Because no one gives better life advice than (nice) drivers, and no one’s a better brand advocate than the Happy Drivers themselves!
Tada 2021 Birthday
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Tada 2021 Birthday
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