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The brief from SkillsFuture Singapore was to change the narrative from being viewed as a repository of courses for hobbies to upgrading for life-long skills that would help improve the employability of the nation. Propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and rising unemployment rate, there was an urgent need to position SkillsFuture as a portal to upskill and reskill workers who had been affected by the pandemic.


For a long time, the content on social media for SkillsFuture Singapore focused on telling it’s followers how to upskill. The communication strategy was focused on telling Singaporeans why it is important to upskill and stay relevant in this ever-changing climate. The most important takeaway? Inculcating a life-long learning attitude.
Skillsfuture Singapore Social Media
Skillsfuture Singapore Social Media


Our solution was to first come up with content buckets that would address the different needs of our target audience. We then developed relatable content for the various sub-sets of our audience, focusing on the different motivations to why someone should upskill.
We produced a robust content ecosystem that included real-life upskilling stories and engaging bite-sized infographics that illustrated our message of life-long learning in attention-grabbing ways.
Skillsfuture Singapore Social Media
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To support and inculcate the life-long learning attitude in our younger audiences, we also launched TikTok as a subsidiary platform to relate to the youth.
Skillsfuture Singapore Social Media

In our first month we managed to increase organic reach by almost 25%, and grew their engagement rate to 4.61%.

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