Rare Disease Fund

Rare Disease Fund


The brief from the client was to launch a new national charity fund that provides long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases requiring treatment with high cost. In Singapore, other diseases such as cancer and diabetes get funded more regularly. So the challenge for us was to get create attention on rare diseases and ultimately, raise funds.


Anyone with a disease requires hope to get through the ordeal.
Those with rare diseases, even more so. This hope would keep them,
 their caregivers, and their support systems going for the foreseeable future.

Rare Disease Fund
Rare Disease Fund


“Hope for a Lifetime” was crafted as a campaign headline to encompass that there will be hope for a cure one day. The rare disease fund becomes a beacon of hope for those who are diagnosed with rare diseases. As sustained financial support was critical for the success of the campaign, our strategy was to approach corporates and philanthropists as the main target audience.
We deployed a fully integrated communications approach, leveraging on mainstream media to garner attention on the rare diseases. Deepening empathy, we profiled as many stories to form a larger narrative by shining the spotlight beyond the beneficiaries, consumers may relate better to the caregivers as a family member or friend.
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We used social media for a complementary platform to sustain the narrative and redirection for donations.  The visibility of the campaign attracted Temasek Foundation which led to a domino of media to spread on the good word.
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To date, we have managed to raise more than $80m in PR value, successfully activating community and media partners to stand behind the movement.

2021: PRCA Awards:
Best Not-for-Profit and Charity Campaign

PRCA SEA Awards 2021 - Winner