New Balance Grey Day 2021

New Balance

Fresh Foam X 1080v12


The brief from New Balance was to launch the Fresh Foam 1080v12 which is coveted and sought after by runners.
Themed “Our Best Running Shoe, Period”, the ask was to conceptualise a media event that would allow our media friends to experience the versatile features of the running shoes.


The initial idea was to organise a running event for our friends in the media and online influencers to try the 1080v12.
But as communication strategies go, we wanted to push the envelope of experiences for our audience — not to mention how every running shoe launch would be the same. We broke the brief down a little more and realised that the pair of shoes was versatile enough for all activities.
While you’re styling your outfit for the office and planning to go for that evening gym class, followed by drinks with your friends, the 1080v12 are a perfect fit for all those occasions.
Fresh Foam X 1080v12


Running shoes are a dime a dozen and we wanted to ensure our media friends had an experience that was like no other.
We booked out Box Office Fitness, a boxing gym and invited the media and influencers to come and experience the versatility of the class with the shoes. The plan was to get them to experience the different features of the shoes and this was done through a fully customised workout that helped to highlight the different technologies with each movement.
Personalised experiences from printed lockers, notecards, personality breakdowns and the class playing all their favourite jams to workout to, were carefully crafted for this unique experience.
Fresh Foam X 1080v12
Workout Session at BOF
Fresh Foam X 1080v12
Photo Opportunities
Fresh Foam X 1080v12
Personalised Lockers
To further drive the message of using the 1080v12 as a shoe for your everyday activities, we partnered with Streething, a media company that focuses on lifestyle features to help bridge that message.